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E-Learning in India
Today is the age of fast and rapid changes. In order to facilitate the students with the latest methodology of testing and evaluation in competitive examination segment in India and abroad, ALLEN Career Institute, Kota introduces its e-Learning division through its first venture for Online Testing and Assessment for Test Prep segment.
What is E-Learning ?
'Sikhna Kabhi Bandh Mat Kijiyega, Kyunki Sikhna Bandh to Jeetna Bandh'
(Never stop learning as winning ends with the end of learning)
- Amitabh Bachchan

Yes, it has always been taught to us in many other ways from our childhood. We should never stop learning. As it is a continuous process to improve our skills and to gain knowledge.
Learning has many modes of itself and one of the most revolutionize mode is E-Learning.

E-Learning is a form of giving training that uses a Computer Network mode for course delivery; it includes interaction, facilitation and an internet browser/software for learner communication. E-Learning is also known as computer-based training.
What are the advantages of E-Learning?
1. Flexibility 2. Accessibility 3. Convenience

Just in Time-Just Enough, this is what the learners want from E-Learning. They can be proceed through a training program .at their place, at their own place and at their own time.. i.e. they can access the E-Learning course at any point of time and only as much they need or their study plan.
Platform Support
All E-Learning Courses are supported and accessible by a web browser on any platform: Windows, Mac, UNIX, OS/2, Amiga, etc.
Internet Connectivity
Every Computer users have access to a browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, and are connected to their workplace intranet and/or have access to the Internet.
Economical Worldwide Distribution
The beauty of E-Learning is that there is no separate distribution mechanism is needed. E-Learning courses are accessible from any computer anywhere in the world, which keeps delivery costs low.
Instant Updates-Patches
Once a course has been launch or released, any changes can be made on the server hosting the program and everyone worldwide can instantly access the update. Courses are usually designed to access designated current information, such as latest new product specifications, from any other server worldwide for an on-the-fly update whenever the e-Learning course is run.
Saves: Travel Cost and Time
Last but not the least it is the most comprehensive mode which saves travel cost and time for the learner and for the teacher.
ALLEN Online Test Series for NEET PG which is specially designed for assisting the self administrative studies of students who are aspiring beyond Graduation in Medical Education i.e. NEET PG.

It is the most distinguished Online Test Series for preparation of NEET PG, which will provide aspirants the simulation of Online Exam in the form of Mock Test, supported by Online forum to make their preparation made easy.

This Online Test Series will provide you a strategic advantage to beat the competition and help you to perform better in NEET PG exam. Team of expert faculties has prepared these tests as per the latest pattern of Exam and your needs of preparing for same.