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ALLEN's NEET-PG Full Online Test Series is to providean online testing and assessment platform to the students for the strategic preparation of NEET PG (MD/MS Entrance)exam. It gives you an actual simulation of target exam and provide with the latest information about your test preparationlevel, comprehensive review of your answers and overall performance. In addition to this, you can compare your score with other peers all over India and observe the areas where you need to work more and improve on. Our faculty's years of experience and expertise allow us to prepare the perfect test preparation material for you, which covers complete examination syllabus.Altogether it is a must have package for NEET PG (MD/MS Entrance) aspirantsto kick-start their exam preparation and get the finest learning experience.

  • Eligibility - All eligible students for NEET PG 2018-2019
  • Medium - English
  • Valid Till - January 10, 2019
  • Number Of Tests - 35 (28 Minor Test + 2 Cumulative Test + 5 Full Syllabus Tests)
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Tuition Fee GST Total Amount Payable 1695 305 2000/-

Exhaustive Question Bank prepared by experienced & expert faculty of ALLEN - leader in Pre-Medical entrance exam preparation

Practice all the Online Mock Tests in a test environment exactly similar to NEET PG real-exam frameworK

Get in-depth performance feedbacks to improve your weak areas, sharpen question selection and reduce mistakes in the exam

Extremely prompt and helpful Support System to help you with all kinds of queries, issues and guidance

Schedule and Pattern of Online Test Series for NEET PG (MD/MS Entrance)
(Session : 2018-19)
Test Name Test Pattern Opening Date* Closing Date* Status
Minor Test-1 Anatomy
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
11/02/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-2 Physiology
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
18/02/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-3 Biochemistry
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
25/02/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-4 Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM)-I
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
04/03/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-5 Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM)-II
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
11/03/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-6 Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM)-III
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
18/03/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-7 Pathology-I
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
25/03/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-8 Pathology-II
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
01/04/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-9 Pathology-III
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
08/04/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-10 Microbiology-I
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
15/04/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-11 Microbiology-II
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
22/04/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Cumulative Test-1 All above subjects (Minor Test-1 to 11)
(300 Questions,1200 Marks,210 Mins)
06/05/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-12 Pharmacology-I
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
13/05/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-13 Pharmacology-II
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
20/05/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-14 Pharmacology-III
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
27/05/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-15 Forensic Medicine
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
03/06/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-16 Surgery-I
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
10/06/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-17 Surgery-II
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
17/06/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-18 Surgery-III
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
24/06/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-19 Medicine-I
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
01/07/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-20 Medicine-II
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
08/07/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-21 Medicine-III
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
15/07/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Cumulative Test-2 All above subjects (Minor Test-12 to 21)
(300 Questions,1200 Marks,210 Mins)
29/07/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-22 Gynaecology
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
05/08/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-23 Obstetrics
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
12/08/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-24 Paediatrics
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
19/08/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-25 Ophthalmology
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
26/08/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-26 ENT
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
02/09/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-27 Skin, Psychiatry
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
09/09/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
Minor Test-28 Orthopaedics, Anaesthesia, Radiology, Radiotherapy
(100 Questions,400 Marks,60 Mins)
16/09/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
(300 Questions,1200 Marks,210 Mins)
07/10/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
(300 Questions,1200 Marks,210 Mins)
28/10/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
(300 Questions,1200 Marks,210 Mins)
18/11/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
(300 Questions,1200 Marks,210 Mins)
02/12/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) Live
(300 Questions,1200 Marks,210 Mins)
16/12/2018(Sunday) 10/01/2019(Thursday) -
1.Each Minor Test Pattern(100 Question,400 Marks, 60 Mins).
2.Each Cumulative Test & Major Test Pattern(300 Question, 1200 Marks, 210 Mins).
3.All Test Will be closed on 10/01/2019.
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