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NEET-PG 2018 AIR-2 Dr. Shiralee Runwal
ALLEN is proud of Dr.Shiralee Runwal, who cracked NEET-PG in her first attempt and bagged AIR-2 in NEET-PG 2018; she scored a magnificent score of 929 marks while pursuing her internship without any coaching classes or classroom sessions. She was a student of ALLEN's NEET-PG Online Test Series. She has shared some helpful tips to crack NEET-PG Exam for future aspirants.

Here are the 7 keys to the treasure hunt of success:-

  1. Start NOW
  2. Stress free environment that is a soft & soothing ambience
  3. Simplicity saves time
  4. Stay away from distractions
  5. Stick to your goal
  6. Surprise element each day to break the monotony & above all...
  7. Smile more, Score more
Do's & Don'ts for NEET PG aspirants
  1. Stick to standard textbooks.
  2. Focus on 4 'P's -- Physiology
  3. Give second preference to the 3 'O's --
  4. Make flashcards of frequently asked topics.
  5. Keep in touch with recent advances through latest journals.
  1. Don't mark your textbook in the very first reading.
  2. Don't pay undue attention to less important sub-heads.
  3. Don't skip diagrammatic illustrations, as they are the forerunners of 'image-based' questions.
  4. Don't create unnecessary mnemonics to memories trivial stuff.
  5. Don't jot down every single detail in your daily notes. Write in the "grey" matter, not on the white!
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